-Le Beau Monde Boutique-

beau monde/ˌbō ˈmônd/

-Fashionable Society; The World of High Society and Fashion-

The Beau Monde Collection

The Beau Monde Collection/ La collection Beau Monde

The Beau Monde Collection isn’t for the girl who only meticulously follows all the celeb fashion trends. She’s also very in-tune with her personal sense of style. Simply put, she knows what she likes and every outfit that she wears demonstrates her own unique perspective. She’s skilled and socially adept. She’s chic, polished and constantly redefining fashion rules. 


Not-So-Basics/ Pas Si Basiques

The hallmarks of basics are usually simple, black and or white and in most cases predictable. However, for fashion girls looking to redefine fashion rules, basics can literally be anything not just safe silhouettes and neutrals. The best thing about having a wardrobe that revolves around basics is that everything goes with everything. One less decision to worry about in the morning. Our Not-So-Basics are not only comfortable but also versatile and chic. They make great transition pieces, they go from day to night as quickly as you can change from flats to heels. 

Beau Monde BODY

Beau Monde BODY

A Collection for the curvy girl who is unapologetically herself. She’s confident, daring and not afraid to redefine fashion rules. She lives for the outfit that accentuates her curves and doesn’t shy away from the attention her curves bring. She’s bold, full of life and will not be placed in a box when it comes to her sense of style. 

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